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The Grater Good

The Grater Good

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The Grater Good by Flip Grater highlights food that is truly delicious and about indulgence, yet happens to be good for you and the planet. 


Over 60 European-inspired, adaptable dishes, ranging from Seitan sausages, cassoulets and breads to super easy spreadable cheeses, pates, crackers, delectable desserts and plant-based baking and cooking. 


Flip is a renowned kiwi singer/songwriter, who boasts her own Indie record label and owns Grater Goods,
an iconic plant-based delicatessen based in central Christchurch.  In her professional life she is a successful chef and recipe writer, developing her plant-based recipes and Grater Goods products that are sold in retailers throughout Aotearoa. 


The recipes in this book are mostly unfussy, unpretentious and shareable. Flip encourages you to gather around tables, break bread and leave a ton of crumbs like the French do. 

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