Collection: Oilcloth & Enduits

We boast an extensive collection of Oilcloth.

This versatile fabric is ideal to cover kitchen chairs or to use as a tablecloth. It can be used to make as doorstops, cosmetic bags, picnic mats, highchair mats or made into bags.

We have two types of oilcloth; PVC coated cotton from England and Enduit which is an acrylic coated cotton or linen made in France.

The PVC coated oilcloth uses a thicker cotton fabric to start with. It has a glossy or matt surface finish and is easy to wipe clean. It’s ideal for upholstery.

The Enduit is machine–washable with a matt finish. It’s a finer fabric with more drape. It can be used for all the same purposes as the PVC coated oilcloth.