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Tea - Organic Assam Breakfast

Tea - Organic Assam Breakfast

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Assam Black Tea - Now ORGANIC - 50gms


The rarest and most sought after Assam tea, primarily due to the limited quantity of the harvest each season.  This premium quality tea manufactured in the Orthodox style, and is flushed with golden tips.  If you are interested in only one Assam this would be your cup of tea.

The Organic Cream of Assam has outstanding briskness in the cup without a hint of bitterness.  The dominant flavours in the cup are biscuity, wild honey and thick cream, balanced with dense malty aroma.

This tea is enjoyable straight up,and also takes milk very well.


Ingredients: Single origin, single estate, tippy small full black tea.

Origin: Satrupa Tea Estate is in Upper Assam, at the eastern-most part of the Assam region.  This area has rich red loam soil, year round tropical wet climate, and old growth forest all around.  Satrupa is on the periphery of the last contiguous rainforest tracts in the Eastern Himalayas.

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