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Rock Star Wall Sticker

Rock Star Wall Sticker

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Roll of stickers - Set of 2

40 x 80


It’s one of the funkiest and kicking products that Beija Flor World have come up with.  


The Roll Stickers are a perfect and accessible solution for upgrading specific areas, changing ambiance or just adding a touch of colour and texture to any surface.


Upper surface– Soft Vinyl

Release Paper-Silicone coated paper on one side, 135 g/m2.



Note: This sticker comes with white background

Size & Colour – please allow slight variations in colours between the images on your screen and the real life products. Due to printing process product size can vary up to 3%. The products are manually cut to assure one of a kind experience.



The location of the sticker should be planned in advance.
Each sticker should be removed separately and gently applied in the designated place.
The surface should be clean and completely dry before sticking.
Start from one edge of the sticker, and gradually remove the paper and stick down with a dry cloth.

The stickers can be removed if necessary with no damage or residue.
They are also extremely resilient.

* Further application instructions are enclosed within the packet.


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