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Mini Paint Roller Frame

Mini Paint Roller Frame

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Featuring a stylish wooden handle, our mini-roller frames are ergonomically crafted and made from sustainable materials rather than relying on plastic that can take centuries to decompose. Choose Two Fussy Blokes for a more eco-friendly frame. With a sophisticated black finish, they’re made from environmentally sourced materials and designed for maximum comfort. These roller frames are rigorously tested to ensure your mini rollers can spin effortlessly, saving you the stress and making it easier for you to get the job done.


At Two Fussy Blokes, we’re aware of the huge impact our industry can have on the natural world. This is why we want to take a stand against unnecessary waste; sourcing quality wood that won’t cost the earth, and cutting down on pollution as much as possible. These mini paint roller frames are made from environmentally sourced materials and designed for maximum comfort.



Microfibre 5mm Paint Rollers

Our Microfibre 5mm NAP/Pile rollers are generally used for smooth surfaces, flat walls, doors, and large cupboards where the smoothest finish is desired. 


Microfibre 10mm Paint Rollers

It is the best choice for a topcoat or any large paint projects where coverage and smooth finish is required. The roller sleeve fabric is designed to leave a smooth and uniform finish on painted surfaces.



The key to achieving the smoothest finish is to make sure that the painted surface is prepared well – holes filled, surface well cleaned, and dried. Also, before starting using our rollers, always use water to “rinse & spin before you begin” and you will achieve the best finish right from the start. Besides, the post-painting cleaning process will be much easier too!


  • Designed with ergonomics top of mind.
  • Length: 280mm | 11″
  • Core: 6mm | 3/4”
  • Size: 100mm | 4”
  • Packs: Single


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