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Lampshade Kit

Lampshade Kit

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Lampshade Kit

Lampshade Kit's are currently available in 10 sizes:  

20cm x 18cmH Drum 

25cm x 21cmH Drum 

30cm x 21cmH Drum 

35cm x 21cm H Drum

40cm x 25cmH Drum 

45cm x 25cmH Drum


40cm x 35mH Drum - Double sided


25cm x 20cm x 20cmH Empire

30cm x 25cm x 25cmH Empire

35cm x 30cm x 30cmH Empire

40cm x 35cm x 35cmH Empire


30cm x 15cm x 20cmH Cone

45cm x 20cm x 25cmH Cone


Each kit includes:



Self adhesive styrene cut to size.


The Empire kits come with the shade carrier, but a spider can be purchased at an addtional cost if customer wants to use as a ceiling fit. 

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