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Hook "S" Sage

Hook "S" Sage

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Ico Traders’ S Hooks are from the school of less is more. Minimalist in design & with form and function at the top of the priority list.

Made from gutsy 6mm wire, the is no hint of flimsy.


There are 100s of ways our hooks can be used, only  limited by your imagination.


Use our S hooks to hold  up beach towels at the pool or scarves & belts in your wardrobe. They can be used as a coat hook, to hold kitchen utensils, pots & pans, cups & mugs. Hang your indoor plants from them, hang tools in your garden shed & workshop.  Use when you are camping to hold up tea towels, towels, clothes and caps.


Available in Black, White, Sage & Indigo.


Measures: 10cm wide x 16cm high

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